USD Allocation

The Client

Our client is Nile Commercial Bank – an indigenous commercial bank in South Sudan providing banking services to a wide range of customers.

The Objective

The client’s objective was to formalize the USD allocation process in all their branches to ensure greater transparency and better customer service.

The Challenge

As the US Dollar is a globally accepted currency, Nile Commercial Bank customers traveling abroad require currency conversion services.

Traditionally, the bank followed a procedure of allocating USD received from Bank of South Sudan (BOSS), which was inefficient. Customers were required to produce hand-written applications to be assessed manually by the bank staff. The list of approved applications, were stuck on a board outside the bank, and the allocation of USD took place at the bank.

The Solution

We studied the existing procedure in detail and developed a paperless solution. We designed an application form in the CBS (Core Banking System) that facilitated a simpler and more efficient process:

Our solution is the first in the country to formalize the allocation process and allow withdrawal of USD through ATMs. No other bank in the country follows such an allocation system.

The Benefit

Our solution enabled accountability, transparency, and easy maintenance of records. In addition, it mitigated the need for unnecessary chaos due to customers queuing in the branches. This process improvement made Nile Commercial Bank the only bank in the country that is able to offer a comprehensive report how the they dispensed the USD that was allocated to them by the central bank.