Technology Integration

With increasing prevalence of technology, businesses across the globe are moving from traditional legacy systems to technology-enabled systems.

MoneyLink empowers the banking sector in South Sudan to compete at the global level, with world-class Core Banking System (CBS).

MoneyLink Technology Integration Services

We enable banks to transform their transaction-processing environment from paper-based and manual systems to automated systems. We work with our partners to devise customized solutions, tailored to their business objectives.

By integrating banks with CBS, you can streamline your operations and transactions, seamlessly connect all branch offices, maintain a central database and enhance operational efficiency.

Our technology integration services help you reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase transparency, and allow your customers to access your products/services from any of your branches.

Why MoneyLink?
  • First-of-its-Kind Services for the Banking Sector in South Sudan
  • Leverages Leading Technology to Deliver Maximum Business Value for Clients
  • Business Transformation Enabler for Partners
  • Strong Business Acumen + Technical Expertise

Learn how we helped Nile Commercial Bank undergo business transformation.

Transform your business.