Salary Disbursement

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and corporate organizations with large number of employees, salary disbursement becomes a cumbersome activity. Paying salaries to employees at the office usually creates unnecessary chaos and loss in productivity. There are also security issues, as bulk cash has to be handled by your accounts department.

MoneyLink Salary Disbursement

MoneyLink provides corporate organizations and SMEs a unique, hassle-free solution for salary disbursement. We collaborate with organizations and banks, so that businesses can route salaries directly to the employees’ debit cards or prepaid cards. The salaries will be credited at the end of each month, which the employees can easily access from ATM and POS machines as and when required.

The Partner Advantage

Salary disbursement solution provides businesses the freedom to focus on core functions, while minimizing loss in productivity. MoneyLink, in collaboration of the partner banks, manages the entire salary disbursement process, requiring minimum administration from your end. This solution also provides banks avenues for revenue generation.

The Consumer Advantage

Employees can receive their salaries directly into their accounts – prepaid cards or bank accounts. Moreover, the hassles of managing bulk cash are also eliminated. The additional advantage is that you can use their debit cards or prepaid cards directly for transactions, bill payments, airtime top-ups, or cash withdrawals from the ATMs and POS.