POS Outsourcing

Banks and service providers face reduced accessibility to their services among the consumers, due to the lack of adequate infrastructure.

MoneyLink has undertaken a nationwide installation of Point-of-Sale (POS) machines in an endeavor to build the required infrastructure, and take banks and service providers closer to the public.

MoneyLink POS

In an attempt to drive a shift to a cashless economy, we have deployed POS terminals in collaboration with the member banks at major cash points across the country; the network of MoneyLink POS is ever growing.

We challenged the status quo and brought about a significant change in the conventional supply chain management, ridden with inefficiency, poor security, and weak delivery and distribution. We leveraged leading technology to streamline the existing supply chain.

Our POS machines are deployed free-of-cost, and are integrated with easy-to-use software to make airtime stock available, and to record all the transactions. The robust and flexible systems ensure the transactions are secure, with minimum downtime.

Going forward, our POS machines would serve as a multi-channel payment and transaction-processing environment. In the first phase, we have partnered with banks and service providers to offer a range of services and features to the consumers, in addition to airtime top-ups:

  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Bill Payments (for DStv, etc.)
The Partner Advantage

Vendors of airtime can avail all telecom operators of all denominations in one machine. It also makes procuring, keeping stock and ensuring security of airtime vouchers simpler and more efficient when compared to physical airtime vouchers.

When other services are introduced, our partner banks and service providers can enjoy a deeper geographical penetration of their services. The varied value-added features and multiple channels of delivery offered by the POS ensure greater revenues and increased profits. Partner with us.

The Consumer Advantage

You can experience increased availability and easy accessibility to products and services.