Mini Statement

Increasing customer base and engaging customers is one of the key challenges faced by banks. MoneyLink enables banks to provide value-added features to consumers, such as access to the mini statement of their accounts, without having to visit the bank.

Mini Statement Feature

Through the growing network of ATMs and POS installed by MoneyLink across the country, consumers can access their bank accounts and prepaid accounts at their ease. These ATMs and POS machines enable consumers to make transactions and bill payments, and maintain a record of the same.

To know the recent transactions made, consumers can visit an ATM and follow the simple instructions on the screen. Alternatively, users can simply send a SMS from their registered mobile number and receive balance details.

The Partner Advantage

The Mini Statement feature and other value-added features enabled by MoneyLink can help partner banks attract, engage and retain their customers, driving revenue generation.

The Consumer Advantage

MoneyLink brings banks closer to you through ATMs and POS machines. You can now enjoy greater accessibility to your bank accounts and prepaid accounts. The Mini Statement feature lets you manage your finances and expenditure more efficiently.