Gateway Services

As the international banking sector is moving towards a globalized system, a robust platform that enables secure transaction processing is the need of the hour in our country.

MoneyLink provides a robust Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) switch platform to its partner banks to ensure efficient transaction processing. We are also the pioneers of launching and operating a shared EFT switch in South Sudan.

MoneyLink Gateway Services

Powered by EFT switch platform, we provide our partners customized solutions. By integrating your system with our switch platform, you can ensure streamlined payment infrastructure and minimize processing time, while enhancing transparency and reducing administrative costs.

We offer integration with alternate payment channels, including ATMs and POS machines with direct driving and monitoring, transaction routing and switching. This enables you to provide value-added services to your customers, such as bill payments, airtime top-ups, mini statement and balance inquiry. You can also offer businesses salary disbursement solutions.

Our solutions are secure, scalable and robust, providing optimal efficiency with minimal downtime. This ensures that your customers will enjoy maximum accessibility and availability to your services, from across the country.

Why MoneyLink?
  • Rich Technical Expertise
  • Robust, Flexible and Secure EFT Switch Platform
  • Intelligent Switching to a Range of External Networks
  • Efficient Backend for Maximum Uptime
  • Enabling High Levels of Transaction Integrity

We have successfully integrated Nile Commercial Bank and Eden Commercial Bank with our switch platform. They are now able to offer ATM and POS services to their clients.

Partner with us to provide enriched customer experience.