Fuel Advantage Cards

Management of cash at fuel stations is a challenging task. The nature of their operations, remote locations, and other safety and transparency concerns make it difficult business to manage.

In an attempt to simplify cash management and to aid the refueling needs of corporate entities maintaining a fleet of vehicles, MoneyLink offers a “Fuel Advantage Card” that attempts to migrate users from cash to card.

MoneyLink Fuel Advantage

The MoneyLink “Fuel Advantage Card” is a smart and futuristic solution for facilitating transactions at fuel stations. Corporate companies can provide their drivers with a Fuel Advantage Card, which replaces cash. Companies having a big fleet of cars no longer need to worry about maintaining cash, managing a manual log of the kilometers clocked and the refueling patterns of every vehicle/ driver.

The Partner Advantage

As the Fuel Advantage Card works in parallel with the ongoing cash business, it will allow fuel stations to increase footfall, increase ticket size and ease cash management. MoneyLink will provide a POS terminal to the fuel stations for a minimal refundable deposit.

The Consumer Advantage

Along with designing, manufacturing and maintenance of the cards, MoneyLink also offers a detailed report about the usage of the card. Details about the location of use (helps verify the route taken) and the transaction amount allows corporate clients to keep track.

Fleet drivers also gain by using the Fuel Advantage Card as they no longer need to worry about managing cash and keeping it safe. Since the card can be topped up remotely, vehicles can stay out longer and take up unscheduled trips without worrying about cash for fuel. In addition, they no longer need to maintain a log of their fuel consumption or seek reimbursement, allowing them to be more efficient.