Customs Project

The Beneficiary

Our beneficiary is the Customs Services Department of South Sudan.

The Goal

The entity wanted to minimize cash transactions in the country, and formalize the customs revenue collection through cash payment.

The Challenge

Earlier, the customs department would collect import duties and other charges in the form of cash, which would then be transported to the headquarters. In such a scenario, the money was prone to theft. In addition, the department did not have a means of keeping track of the collections, and had to rely on manually generated reports submitted by the staff at the border.

The Solution

We partnered with Nile Commercial Bank in an endeavor to discourage physical cash, and developed a procedure that routes payment through card.

The Customs Services passed strict regulations to phase out cash payments for clearance of goods. The authorized agents at the border acquired a Gurush Card to process the payment, which is credited in real-time to the Customs Department account.

This mitigated risks of handling physical cash, and enabled easy monitoring of the amount collected. We also provided a specialized node in the client’s office to monitor the transactions, as and when they happen.

The Benefit

Our solution has empowered the Customs Services Department with full control over the collections, enhancing the transparency.