Company Profile

Established in 2012, MoneyLink is the flagship brand of Data Solutions which is a subsidiary of Reliance Solution, a consortium with a vast presence in East Africa, and a successful track record of catering to the banking industry in the region.

In an endeavor to transform the economy of South Sudan from cash-based to cashless, we provide technology solutions to the banking sector. We are the only organization in the country to offer solutions like ATMs and POS for multiple banks, on a shared platform making banking more accessible and convenient for the public at large.

What We Do

In the current banking scenario, we identified a need to enable local banks to be at par with international banks operating within the country.

Armed with this vision and an in-depth understanding of the banking sector, we introduce unique and innovative solutions for the first time in the country to empower banks with modern day technology.

We provide the interface between a bank and its customers, with robust and secure backend solutions. We specialize in facilitating electronic payment in the country:

  • Core Banking Systems (CBS) to enable a business transformation
  • Robust EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Switch Platform for efficient transaction routing and processing
  • Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point-of-Sale (POS) Machines to enhance service accessibility and availability

We collaborate with banks to transform their operations from a traditional environment to automated environment, driving efficiency and high performance. We not only install and deploy ATMs and POS across the country, but also offer complete management, providing banks the freedom to focus on core business functions.

As we operate a shared platform, the strength of the member banks increases quite significantly, as they are able to share each other’s resources (ATMs), also limiting duplication of expensive resources.

The Driving Principles

MoneyLink is a pioneer in its field and has extensive experience in serving the banking sector by leveraging its strengths in technology. We have been serving the country since its independence in 2011 and understand the nuances, the challenges and the expectations of the local economy, enabling us to provide customized solutions for the local businesses.

Why Us?
  • End-To-End Technology Solutions to the Banking Sector – Right From Core Banking and Switching to in-house Manufacturing of Cards
  • Unique Blend of Banking Expertise and Technical Skills
  • Rich Experience in Catering to the Banking Sector
  • Dedicated and Highly Skilled Team
  • Knowledge of Global Banking Systems & Processes
Our Vision

We envision driving a revolutionary shift in the country, from physical cash based economy to cashless economy through innovative banking technology solutions.

We aspire being at the forefront to provide shared electronic financial payment in South Sudan, and growing along with the country.

Our Mission

We endeavor contributing to country’s economy by:

  • Developing novel ways to channel payment
  • Creating a network of partner banks on a shared platform for combined progress through optimal resource utilization
  • Continuously innovating and improving the efficiency and security of banking operations
  • Committed to infusing transparency and accountability in all types of monetary transactions

Management Team

We have a team of experienced professionals, skilled in banking technology solutions. They work in synergy to create maximum value for our partners through efficient, 24x7 available solutions, with minimum downtime.

We have a healthy mix of young enthusiasts and experienced veterans, which allows us to undertake new challenges, in an attempt to open up new avenues and services for the people of South Sudan.