Cash Withdrawals

Keeping or carrying bulk cash is a great hassle for consumers, as it is tedious to maintain a record of the expenditure and difficult to ensure its safety. A transformation from a cash-based to cashless economy is the need-of-the-hour.

MoneyLink ATMs and POS

MoneyLink leverages advanced technology to provide simple and secure ways of going cashless. We partner with banks to install ATM and POS machines. With a growing network of such machines across the country, MoneyLink facilitates its partners to offer their customers enhanced convenience in transactions.

We not only install and maintain the machines, but also suggest innovative ways and means for promoting adoption, increasing revenues and projecting incomes. We have successfully integrated Nile Commercial Bank and Eden Commercial Bank to our switch platform, enabling them to offer ATM and POS services to their customers.

The Partner Advantage

Increase customer conversion and retention by providing the cashless advantage. For POS, vendors can induce a sell by offering customers cash-back options when paying for other services.

The Consumer Advantage

Ensure that your savings or your bank account is always within your reach – 24x7. Simply use your debit card or prepaid card at the ATMs or POS machines to withdraw cash at your convenience. Watch out for the MoneyLink logo.