Bill Payments

Monthly bill payments for services such as DStv can be tedious. Consumers are required to visit the service provider’s office or Point Of Sale to make the payment. Further, service providers find it inconvenient and inefficient to collect and organize these payments received at different locations across the country.

MoneyLink provides service providers an opportunity to not only streamline payment collection, but also enhance customer experience and achieve uninterrupted subscription objectives.

Bill Payment Feature

Consumers can simply visit the nearest ATM or a vendor partner having the POS machine, to make their bill payments for DStv and other services. The rapidly expanding nationwide network of MoneyLink ATMs and POS machines offers a convenient and secure mode for making and collecting payments.

In the case of a debit card, consumers can directly make the payment by following the simple instructions on the ATM screen. Alternatively, consumers can access the POS machines, where the merchant will assist them in making payments for the services.

The Partner Advantage

The Bill Payment feature provides service providers an efficient, secure and cost-effective mode of collecting payments. Leveraging this feature, you can ensure smooth payment collection from customers across the country, saving costs, time and human resources, while providing enriched customer experience.

The Consumer Advantage

You can leverage the Bill Payment feature to enjoy enhanced convenience for making payments. All you need is your debit/ prepaid card and your subscription details. The POS machines and ATMs are conveniently located so that you make the most of your time and enjoy uninterrupted services.