Airtime Topup

Extending their distribution networks is a primary challenge faced by telecom operators. Local airtime vendor partners also face challenges with respect to managing inventory (physical vouchers and scratch cards) from multiple telecom operators.

MoneyLink provides the technology that enables mobile operators to widen their networks, banks to increase financial inclusion and the vendors to do more for their clients - all of this through POS machines and ATMs.

Airtime Top-Up Feature

MoneyLink provides electronic airtime top-up feature in its POS machines and ATMs, in collaboration with telecom companies. The POS machines and ATMs will have all the telecom operators with all the denominations in one place.

The POS or the ATM will generate a simple voucher, which contains the code for recharge. In the near future, consumers will be able to use their debit/ prepaid card for airtime top-ups.

The Partner Advantage

Service providers can achieve wider penetration and reach a larger customer base with airtime top-up feature. You can take your services closer to your customers, increase availability, and enhance customer experience.

Vendors can simplify airtime stock management, and save costs. The POS machines are made available free of cost. MoneyLink representatives download the requisite stock directly on the POS, which eliminates hassles of have to procure and maintain physical vouchers. Moreover, ensuring security is also easy. In case, the POS is stolen, you can lock it with just one call. MoneyLink provides comprehensive and efficient support for POS.

The Consumer Advantage

You can avail airtime of any denomination of any telecom operator at a shop with a MoneyLink POS as well as at an ATM accepting MoneyLink cards. Simply look for the MoneyLink logo.